Design facades

Design facade execution
or the new Seltron trade and
business facility in Maribor
Design facades
»Individuality and creativity help you achieve greater recognition.«

In the Prost prostor d.o.o. company, we are aware of the fact that quick, effective, aesthetic and economical visual solution is an essential factor for business facilities. Design facade is our company's new market niche, which helps us create construction or merely decorative solutions for clients who would like to appear in the market as recognized, individual and innovative. Facades present an opportunity for playing with colours, decorating, and changing the image of the building or a part of it.

Design curtain wallings can be used as a great supplement to glass surfaces and give the building trendy, creative, and individual look. We should not forget the importance of the ventilation system, which ensures the breathing of the building, decreases the humidity in rooms, while the insulation cover ensures the excellent micro-climate in the room.

Our clients can choose a 3D-computer design to get a more realistic preview of facade surfaces. Design facades are made on the principle of ventilated facades with a special insulation wrapping from glass wool which creates a great micro-climate in the building. In this way, we can prevent humidity in rooms and the building can breathe. Insulation depends on the wrapping. If the client follows the standards, the investment pays off as economic energy consumption in heating and cooling of the rooms.

We offer a wide range of plates in RAL colour scale and other materials with decorative wood, stone, and metal. Clients can design their own facade and print it with a specialized printer, which prints directly on plates and other flexible materials in a role. The facade lifetime is approx. 50 years, so you can avoid the falling roughcast (particularly in old buildings) and frequent whitening or colouring of the facade. The design curtain walling can be just the final layer of the building, although it can also present the facade with its entire insulation function..