Large format digital printing - UV printing

Large format digital printing - UV printing
  • Operating dimension:
    Optional length of the material, width of material 2600 mm, we can print on different materials with thickness to 95 mm.
  • Material that can be processed:
    A/Hard material – inflexible (aluminium, anodized aluminium, plexiglass, wood, enriched chipboard, MDF board, chipboard, dibond board, glass, forex board)
    B/Soft material (textile, sheeting, foam, rubber, tarpaulin)
  • Printing stability:
    Depends on the type of the material.
  • Machine type:
    Printer RHO 800 Presto
  • Purpose:
    UV printing can be performed on different materials which can be used right after the finished printing. This is enabled with the use of UV technology, where colour is burnt on the surface using UV light and is, thanks to the UV process, more resistant to environmental influences.
Large format digital printing - UV printing