Design and set up
of the flagpoles for Obi commercial
facility in Nova Gorica
In the company Prost prostor d.o.o., we have our own production of flagpoles and flags, which enables us to approach your individual requests. It is a common knowledge that flags in flagpoles are one of the most efficient, aesthetic and visible means of promoting a company. Advertising with flags enables you a wide advertising space and visibility of the message due to their horizontal position, and at the same time they do not require a lot of space.

They are made of aluminium or inox pipes. Because of the system for dropping and lifting the mechanism, changing of the flags can be done quickly and easily. Rotating mechanism enables the turning of the flag for 360° and ensures its maximal visibility in all weather conditions. Our own production of flagpoles and flags ensures a high rate of flexibility: we can adjust to our customers' demands and assure a quick production.

Flagpoles Flagpoles